Playwright Greer Firestone

Wilmington Delaware


​​​A NEW musical based on the greatest performer of all time, Judy Garland. Judy began her vaudeville career with The Singing Gumm Sisters at age 2. At age 12, appearing with George Jessel in Chicago, he remarked, "She's like any other adolescent, but she sings like she's carrying a torch for Valentino".

  1. Book show based around 1960’s TV show “This Is Your Life”. Judy is the surprise guest. 90 minute show with intermission.
  2. Unit Set: 1961 TV studio. Couch, full bar, scrim to rear project graphics
  3. 6 cast members: Judy, Frank, Liza, Dean, Walter and Tv techie
  4. 29 legendary tunes from The American Songbook
  5. Fully orchestrated recorded tracks. Licensing fees included.
  6. Power point presentation included in licensing package.
  7. Faux Sponsor of our TV show – “Lustre Crème Shampoo”.  However, potential revenue can be generated if you solicit a corporation which aired TV ads in the ‘60’s. 

In addition to chronicling Judy's life in this book show, over 80 still slides of her career are projected on a screen. The power point program comes with the licensing of the show. 

As Judy sits on a couch of our TV show "Celebrity Story" the first graphics are of Frances "Babe" Gumm with her sisters in vaudeville. We travel through her illustrious career in both dialogue AND graphics, commenting on her motion pictures at MGM followed by her breathtaking performances in concert and TV.

Judy, Frank, Dean and Liza sing their signature songs.