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Wilmington Delaware


Judy You Tube Vids

(there are tens and tens of them)

  • ​Greer Firestone: Playwright, Author (ALEXEI and RASPUTIN), Performing arts critic, soccer and lax ref, father of Sudden Cardiac Arrest Survivor, Founder/Director of Heart In The 

​​​LICENSING PACKAGE for your venue

  • Logo
  • Script
  • Power Point Program of 80+ slides chronicling Judy's life
  • Song Rights 26 tunes from over 8 houses extensively researched and negotiated by Greer Firestone Productions LLC. NOTE: The royalties will be paid directly to Greer Firestone Productions as a pass through. Our LLC will then pay the royalty rights. There is NO markup. You will receive documentation from each of the houses as to the prices paid per house. MFN. (Most Favored Nation).
  • Live Band/Orchestra: For the charts you will be charged a rate per instrument. The number of musicians is your call. We will tell you upfront the dollars per.
  • Tracks: Part of the licensing package.
  • TV Sponsors: If we supply the videos for our Lustre Creme Commercial, that is included in part of the package. It will be embedded in the ppt. If you wish to seek your own, you can save some cost and perhaps create a revenue source. We would strongly suggest your sponsor would have been in existence in the '60's. It adds to the period nature of the piece.
  • Merchandise: We will supply tee shirts upon demand. In addition to the logo, many can be made available. Our fee is 20% of gross sales.
  • Script available for perusal.
  • Continual Consultation: Of course we want your production to succeed. If possible, I would be honored to attend.

This is your show. How you wish to stage, set design, the numbers of dancers, possible musicians or tracks is your call. In fact, if you have a favorite song that is not on the list, let us know. Due to our relationships with the houses, we might be able to make that happen. The script suggests guidelines. However, the script CANNOT be changed without consultation with the playwright.

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For further info:  Greer Firestone 302.494.3133 

Please have at hand your possible dates and duration, ticket price and seating