"When Dorothy Gale entered Oz, Judy Garland entered immortality". 

American Film Institute - OZ - # 6 in 100 best movies of all time

AFI - 'Rainbow' - # 1 Best Movie Song of all time

AFI - OZ - # 3 Greatest Musical of all time

AFI - 100 best movie quotes - # 6 "Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore".

'Judy at Carnegie Hall' 1963 - Grammy Album of year. Judy was first woman to win Grammy. NEVER been out of print.


THEATRICAL CONCEIT: A takeoff of the popular TV show of the '60's and '70's, "This Is Your Life". Our show is titled "Celebrity Story". We surprise Judy in front of your audience. In turn, Judy is surprised by guests Frank, Liza & Dean. The four sing their signature songs and other legendary tunes of The Great American Songbook. Your audience will know every one of them and, perhaps, singalong. This was written to be audience interactive.

Throughout the show Emcee Walter Mitchell sits with Judy as her life - and her music - is chronicled both in dialogue and the use of 80+ ppt slides projected on a  screen. The images commence at age 3 with Frances 'Babe' Gumm and 'The Three Singing Gumm Sisters'. From vaudeville to MGM to concert career. (See the slideshow for examples).

The Emcee and Judy discuss the early years of MGM. She had no childhood. Always told what to do. Rehearsing in the morning and filming in the afternoon. At age 14 given amphetamines and barbituarates by mother Ethel, "to keep my little girl going". Oppressive 'studio' system. Never thought glamorous, always 'the girl next door'. Her struggles are offset by her preternatural talent and charisma. Frank said, "With every song Judy dies a little. That's how much she gives".

  • TIME: May 7 1961, 3 weeks after Judy's triumphant Carnegie Hall concert, termed 'the greatest night in show business history'. Judy is presently promoting a national tour. She 'thinks' she is shooting a promo at a local TV studio. She is surprised not only by'Celebrity Story' Emcee Mitchell but also by YOUR audience. This is an audience interactive performance; Judy and Liza speak to audience, Dino and Frank dance with audience, Dino singalong.
  • SET DESIGN: '60's TV studio w/Applause sign. Mid-century set pieces: interview couch, fitted out bar, rear projected screen for slides, on stage band (if selected).
  • MUSIC:  1) Tracks or 2) Live on stage band with logo on fronts.
  • DANCERS: Should have experience in jazz, ballet and Fosse. 
  • Number of live musicians/dancers subject to your budget. Band charts available from 4-17 pieces.
  • SPONSORS: A TV show needs sponsors. The workshop had a 'faux' sponsor, LUSTRE CREME SHAMPOO. Suggestion is three 30" vids projected over the 90 minutes. Your group can seek your own company extant in the '60's (potential revenue stream). The 'sponsor' videos would be embedded in the power point. The faux sponsor in our workshop elicitedlaughs. Lustre Creme.
  • 90 minute book show with intermission.
  • US Copyright: Registration #Pau 3-862-488
  • Greer Firestone Productions LLC, a Delaware corporation



  • ​Get Happy - Judy and dancers
  • ​Zing Went The Strings of My Heart - 1st 1 min 18" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kq0_G9mYppo&index=1&list=RDKq0_G9mYppo   Then stage Judy takes over to finale. Up tempo ending.
  • Rock A Bye My Baby - Liza
  • Judy, Frank, Dean Trio - You Do Something To Me (Judy), Too Marvelous For Words (Frank), Ain't That a Kick In The Head (Dean)
  • Happy Days Are Here Again/Get Happy - Liza and Judy
  • ​I've Got You Under My Skin - Frank  
  • Friendship - Judy and Liza
  • Begin The Beguine - Dean and Dancers
  • ​The Boy Next Door - Judy / The Trolley Song - Judy and Liza
  • Smile - Judy
  • Birth of The Blues - Ensemble and dancers


  • Maybe This Time / Mein Herr - Liza and Dancers
  • The Man That Got Away - Judy
  • The One I Love Belongs to Somebody Else - Frank and Dean
  • All That Jazz - Liza and Dancers
  • It Was A Very Good Year - Ensemble and dancers
  • ​New York New York - Frank and Liza
  • That's Amore- (sing along with audience) Dancers as Golddiggers - Dean
  • ​Be A Clown - Judy and Liza
  • My Way - Frank
  • ​Over The Rainbow - Judy

* IMPORTANT: Royalties for songs will be calculated and sent to you as part of the licensing package. Royalties are paid to Greer Firestone Productions LLC and passed through to the various publishing  houses. 

Workshop Production: 6 min clip 

Workshop Production: Liza singing Rock A Bye Your Baby

Greer Firestone interview  "The Delaware Way"



JUDY GARLAND  "World's Greatest Entertainer"

​​        A New book musical by Greer Firestone



Mr. Sinatra, you were under contract with MGM as well?

            My first movie was called “Reveille with Beverly” and....

          ...and Frank stayed with Beverly every night to make sure she made reveille. I know Beverly. She’s been on more laps than a napkin.

            Judy was starring on another sound stage on the lot in…

            “Girl Crazy”, with Mickey and music by George Gershwin.

            And Frank went girl crazy with a couple a’ them as well. The chorus girls were great frater…frater…

            Yeah, right.  At MGM that was defined as getting social without your clothes on!



            Hollywood, this city of Oz fabricated dreams the way Detroit manufactured cars and DuPont spun nylon. And yet Judy, to you, Hollywood may very well have been an evil parody of the land of Oz. MGM had absolute control over employees. The system was something quite different from what the public saw as “glamour”. The system…


            Call it by its right name: indentured servitude. I was personal property stamped with Leo The Lion right here. In those days Mickey and I worked 12 hours a day, six days a week. We went to school on the lot. Most of the time we were shooting one movie in the morning and rehearsing for the next one in the afternoon.


            To MGM you and your fellow child actors were commodities. Already in your early teens you suffered your most irrevocable loss…your childhood.


            Everyone told me what to do, where to go, how to act. I never went to a prom


            I’d rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy. Judy, did I tell you what happened to me yesterday on the way up to my hotel room?


           I've been trying unsuccessfully to ignore this, but, ok, tell me.

             Well, I was beaten up by a busty woman in the elevator.
            No! Really?

            I was staring at her boobs when she said, “would you please press 1?” …So I did. I don’t remember much after that.  (x to bar with Frank) C’mon Frankie, lets go and get another drink.